Guadalest Valley


Visitors to Torrevieja that have access to a vehicle, or choose to hire one, are spoilt for choice when it comes to fantastic days out. There is so much to see and do throughout the beautiful Costa Blanca, and it is home to a variety of attractions, including one of Spain’s most visited. Stunning Guadalest Valley and its imposing mountaintop fortress attract visitors from all over the world, and when you visit you will see why.

Guadalest Reservoir

Situated about an hour and a half drive from Torrevieja, and close to the equally impressive Algar Waterfalls, the valley is popular with nature enthusiasts, hikers, rock climbers and anglers. The surrounding valleys and countryside are rich in flora & fauna, and the blue waters of Guadalest Reservoir offer great fishing and is also the venue for swimming marathons. However, it is the mountaintop village and its crowning tower most visitors come to see, where the views all the way down to the Bay of Altea are breathtaking.


As you travel up the mountain road, it winds its way ever higher through lovely scenery before reaching charming Polop, the most visited village in Spain. The views go on for ever and walking around the village is a pleasure, with St Peter’s Church, Los Chorros Square and Polop Castle all vying for attention. Be sure to try the sweet mountain water of Polop Fountains before continuing your journey to the mountaintop.

Dolls House Museum

Upon reaching Guadalest and parking your vehicle, it is only a short walk to a narrow tunnel that takes you back in time to the enchanting mountain village. Here you can visit souvenir and craft shops, several cafes and a number of quaint museums. The labour of just one man, Dolls House Museum showcases the work of Antonio Marco who has spent 15 years creating his wonderful collection of miniature houses and scale models. His crowning glory is a large nativity scene of Bethlehem, set among rocks and plants in a peaceful corner of the museum.

Dino Park Algar

Being close to Algar Waterfalls, and just a short drive from Benidorm, many visitors that have travelled from Torrevieja choose to spend longer than a day. Some visit the lovely Algar Waterfalls and stay overnight in the picturesque campsite, where they can also enjoy Dino Park Algar, a favourite with the kids. Others who have partying on their mind head for the bright lights, and a night in vibrant Benidorm.