Alicante Airport


Cheap Car Hire

Visitors to the city of Torrevieja will find a whole host of great things to do, exciting activities, superb beaches and a fantastic choice of shops, shopping centres, markets, cafes, bars and restaurants. Many choose to be picked up from the airport by friends and family or take a taxi to their accommodation and spend their holiday enjoying the city’s beaches and attractions. A number of the city’s shops, bars and restaurants can be reached within an easy walk and there are a selection of attractions and beaches within the city’s limits too, but the areas around Torrevieja have so much more to offer. Unfortunately the city’s bus service can be very confusing as all the information, timetables and bus routes are in Spanish and the majority of bus drivers do not speak English. Taxi drivers are well aware of this and their prices tend to be rather high. Due to the vast number of car hire companies in the country, car hire prices in Spain are the cheapest in Europe and this allows visitors so much more freedom to explore the fantastic attractions, countryside and beaches that can be reached within a short drive from
the city.

Peace of Mind

With the international car hire companies you may pay more but you will have peace of mind knowing you have the support and facilities that come with a large reputable company. Prices will vary according to the vehicle and rental package you choose but the choice of vehicles and rental options are excellent. There are various insurance options, additional driver options, available child seats or roof racks and the choice of manual or automatic gear shifts. The majority of cars in Spain are manual transmission so expect to pay quite a bit more for automatic and if you wish to hire a car with automatic transmission during the peak summer period, it is advisable to book your vehicle well in advance. Most of these companies will have a form with a diagram of a car so together with a representative you can do the vehicle checks I have mentioned above and be safe in the knowledge you won’t be paying for any damage you didn’t cause.


Check your Hire Vehicle

Alicante International Airport is a 40 minute drive from Torrevieja and there is a good selection of large International car hire companies to choose from that are based in the airport terminal. You may be approached by representatives from smaller independent car hire companies, and these are generally cheaper than the international ones but there are a few things to bear in mind if you decide to hire a vehicle from one of them. Most are legitimate but ask to see their credentials, make sure they explain exactly what you get for the price they quote you as most will not openly tell you about any hidden charges such as insurance, additional driver costs, mileage restrictions and fuel costs.

Things to Check

It is also important to thoroughly check the vehicle in the presence of the representative before you sign any paperwork. Things to look out for and note down are:

  • worn tyres
  • cracks in the windscreen
  • scratches
  • dents
  • faulty lights
  • indicators
  • poorly running engines
  • any general defects you notice


Make sure you have noted everything down and get the representative to sign and put a company stamp on the document for any small defects such as scratches and dents. If there are major defects that may affect your driving or cause the police to stop you, ask for another vehicle or decline their services.